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Southeast Regional Engineering Virtual Grad School Fair
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Date: October 15, 2013 – Attend the Event & Maybe Win $300 !

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Looking for an Engineering Program?
Virtually Interact with Schools & Save Valuable Time.

Students interested in Graduate Engineering programs are invited to attend this FREE virtual event where you can meet School Reps conveniently and efficiently!

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Why Participate?
  • Connect with universities/schools without ever leaving your computer
  • Avoid waiting in long lines and spending unnecessary time on-campus
  • Meet university representatives who may not attend on-site events
What students-alumni are saying who participated in other CareerEco Virtual Fairs…Go to the Chat Sessions!!
“The virtual career fair went great. I got one interview already and I am expecting more. I think that this was a great idea and I hope that our school does it again next year.”

“Just wanted to comment on how great this virtual fair was! It was a awesome opportunity to get some pressing questions answered without the hassle of traveling to several different schools. I definitely think this is something to keep around for future applicants. Thanks again!”

“It was very helpful and made me look at different schools that I didn’t expect I would like as much as I did. Thanks!”

“The Virtual Fair was a great opportunity to converse with multiple school representatives, without having to travel or take off time from work. I also got a lot of great information and my questions were answered. I gained knowledge that I wasn’t able to get just from reading a website. Having the public chat room was helpful to see other people’s questions that brought up topics that I might not have thought to ask otherwise.”

“The virtual fair was much more accessible than most graduate program fairs. The chat sessions were a unique experience for communication and for information. Sometimes the best part was just knowing that other people had the same questions and concerns. I was able to ask more specific questions, and I was able to receive immediate feedback on my intentions, and questions. It was excellent! Thank you so much. It was an invaluable opportunity.”

“I found the chat rooms extremely helpful with other people’s Q&A and the advisors were very helpful as well. I learned so much about the process to applying to PH school. As well, it was an excellent resource to reflect upon for my personal path into public health. Thank you!”

“I really appreciated having the profiles of the schools available beforehand. I looked up the ones I was interested in, formed some good questions, specific to me that I knew were not easily answered just by their websites. Chat sessions seemed to be run by knowledgable, friendly people.”

“I just want to say thank you for help putting on this event. I personally would love to see more of these events for future students and alumni!”

“How great of an idea this is. It provides one more point of contact for potential students with the schools that they are interested in”

“I knew the time slot, I get on the computer, and make that connection right away with the representative”

“This virtual fair can be the thing that changed my life. I can’t even describe how excited I am, and how much I appreciate your efforts.”